Wednesday, May 1

Going bananas over upholstery piping.

Cream paired with black.  It's easy.  It's classic and it's totally gorgeous.  And yes; I'm a big fan of this tuxedo jacket and I'm dying over this artwork (made from flash cards!).  Uh-oh... I may or may not have just ordered some vintage flash cards from Etsy.  I feel a diy project coming on...

So, I came across Roxy Owen's NYC apartment - she's from Shop Society Social - in HGTV Magazine.  How cute is her eclectic style?  And her sofa!  Cream with black piping, of course. So stylish.

It has me pining for this vintage beauty we had reupholstered for the den in the San Gabriel house.  Again with the cream and black piping combo...  See.  It's kind of a no-brainer.

San Gabriel House Den

Isn't piping the best?  Search the web and you'll find tons of wonderful inspiration images.

You've probably already seen Jenny Komeda's sofa on her blog, Little Green Notebook.  It's super lovely, a pretty teal blue with navy piping.  I covet it SO darn much.  Do you like how I refer to Jenny like we go way back?  *stalker* The internet is so weird...and so lovely.  On her blog, my good friend Jenny documents her DIY projects and even gives tutorials on furniture reupholstery. Seriously. This lady really knows how to upholster.  She's, unknowingly, my DIY go-to-guru and swears by indoor/outdoor velvet for lots of her upholstery projects.  Anyone know where I can find this fabric in a  pale pink?  Do tell.  I'm decorating the sweetest studio space and it's all about girlie glamour; pale pink velvet for my client's sofa is just what the doctor ordered.

Okay, so I'm a bit off topic.   What was I talking about? Oh yeah...

Woah woah woah...  Holy DIY piping masterpiece!  Someone deserves a medal here.


Nicely done, diywithadd.  You're my hero.

Does anyone else have an upholstery project they'd like to share?  Send me a link; I'd love to see it!

{Top image via The Coveteur}

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