Friday, August 31

Craving the beach

Los Angeles, you are killing me with this heat wave.  Today's 90+ degrees is making me long for some cooler ocean air and sand in my toes.  Me thinks a trip to the beach is just what the doctor ordered and I am adding that to our "must do" list for the long weekend ahead.

In the meantime, I shall sweat profusely and dream of owning some "beach art" like this piece featured in Elle Decor. I've always loved this shot.

Christian Chaize artwork
The photographer of the beach photo is Christian Chaize; he did a whole beach series called Praia Piquinia and shot the same spot on the same tiny stretch of sand in Portugal...over and over again.  You can find limited editions of his work for sale on 20 x 200.  Now if only I had an extra $10,000 lying around...  If I did, this 80" x 60" version would be all mine.

Another (slightly more affordable) photographer I've fallen for lately is the super talented Gray Malin.  I am dying for these aerial shots of his taken from a doorless helicopter.  Not only are the photos amazing, but I love that he quit his day job to follow his passion and got his start as a vendor at the Melrose Trading Post.  If you live here in LA, you know that The Trading Post is a small (hit or miss) flea market held every Sunday at Fairfax Highschool in Hollywood.  I've truly had the best luck at that flea; at one point, 75% of my apartment were treasures I had found there.   How is it possible that I missed Gray Malin?  His work is so colorful and so fun!  Is it weird that they make me so happy?

Gray Malin_4
Gray Malin_3
Gray Malin_1
These three have been added to the tippy top of my wishlist.  Tiny ant people on the beach.  Me loves!  Any one of these in the 50" x 40" size, please.  I have just the spot!

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