Wednesday, March 13

{Our Wedding} A few lovely lil' details

March 13th has turned out to be one of my most favorite days.  Two years ago on this very day, my life changed forever; I happily said "I Do" and became Mrs. Cham+Thom.  I never  did get around to submitting our photos to wedding blogs.  Kind of ironic, seeing as I do some event planning and, at times, obsess over wedding blogs...but really, when does one have the time???  C'est la vie.  So, this is kind of like an unveiling of sorts.  Ta-dahhhh!

Please join me as I wander down memory lane and take a quick peek at some of the little details that made our wedding day so special.  As far as photos go, this is a favorite...

wedding portrait

The fun started with our whimsical invitations. We really loved two different invitation suites at Hello Lucky but due to our limited budget, they just weren't a possibility.  With the pricier invitations as inspiration, we reached out to our super talented (artist) friend (Jason).  With his help, we came up with a combination of the two and something that was totally us!  And then we had them printed & cut at Office Depot on paper we purchased from Paper Source.  I lined all of the envelopes and got crafty with die-cut felt hearts and baker's twine from Etsy.  And voila!  I'm not going to say it was easy because it was super tedious and time consuming...but, they looked great and it was WAY more affordable than purchasing custom invitations.  Aren't they the cutest???

wedding invites

Of course, I had a little extra help getting all gussied up that day.  Thanks, Annah, for making me feel so beautiful!
wedding make-up

I wore these sparkly shoes...
Wedding Shoes_edited

And this fancy dress...
wedding dress

There were bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies.  And flowers.  SO many flowers. Looking back on it...we made WAY too many arrangements.  Meh!  Can you really HAVE too many florals???  I know I'm biased but I think it looked totally amazing.

Wedding Bunnies

It was all definitely home-spun.  I made the table runners and photo wall, the escort card display, and hand stamped all of the favor bags for the place settings.  Biff and I collected wood boxes and vintage glassware and miscellaneous vessels for months leading up to our Big Day and then two days before the wedding, with the help of my mom and some lovely gal pals, we did all the flowers.  It was pure insanity. The house was covered in flowers and smelled SO good.  It was tons of work though.  And I do mean TONS.


On that beautiful Spring day, surrounded by our closest friends and family, Biff and I exchanged vows.  The ceremony and reception were held at Marvimon, an old car showroom-turned-event-venue in downtown Los Angeles (and then 9 months later I became Venue Director for the property! Life is crazy...).

So there you have it, people.  A few details from one of my favorite days.

Maybe on our next anniversary I'll take another trip down memory lane.  There's plenty more wedding hoopla to discuss and some great pics from the ceremony and reception. Wait till you see our (totally ridiculous) diy photobooth!

Ghetto-fabulous for sure, but more fabulous than ghetto.


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