Saturday, October 20

The San Gabriel House :: the kitchen

It's no secret that I truly do love the little treehouse we currently live in.  There are days though, that I find myself pining for our old San Gabriel House. We created such a sweet home there and today I am feeling like a trip down memory lane.  Now, you've already seen the den, which was one of my favorite rooms in the house.  Let's take a look at another favorite...the kitchen!

And actually, with Halloween right around the corner, this is the perfect room to share with you.  Who needs to see monsters when you can see a scary before picture like this.  Consider yourselves warned, my lovelies...  

Feces in the cupboards?  You betcha. And yes; that yellow scrap hanging from the ceiling... that is indeed wallpaper.  (Now you don't know this about me yet, but you will soon. I actually LOVE me some wallpaper.  Just not this ugly yellow wallpaper and not hanging from my kitchen ceiling.  Oof!)

Biff took this picture of the kitchen on Day 1.  Seriously.  Can you imagine?
Before Kitchen

Wow.  It's hard to believe our pretty kitchen once looked like that.  When I met Biff the kitchen actually looked like this:

He did such a great job, didn't he? I was so proud of him. The decorator in me knew that, with some minor adjustments, we could finish what he had already started.  Here was the plan along with some of my ghetto fabulous photoshop skills:


1. Take down the country shelves.
2. Change the wall paint color & style those shelves!
3. Finish the top of this cabinet and add crown molding.  In an unforeseen twist, we did something crazy and went for BLACK crown molding in this room.  I know it might sound crazy but it was the best decision ever!
4. Remove artwork.  And to balance out this side of the room, add more shelving.
5. This table is a family heirloom and we've given it to Biff's sister for safe-keeping.  Instead, we brought in my celery-colored barn table.  The shape and color worked perfectly in the space.
6. And lastly, we needed some rugs to make things feel cozy.

Aaaaaand drum roll, please....
Can you believe this is the same space?!  Here is the kitchen with her brand new look!


I completely forgot how dramatically different the after photos are.  When I met Biff, he had already done the major reno to this room; he had redone the floors, ripped out the old kitchen and installed the new cabinets...all by himself.  God, I love that man.

All I had to do was some quick cosmetic tweaking to pull the space together.  Didn't it come together nicely? Oh to have that much counter space again...  Some day...

So, have you redone any spaces in your home?  Send me a link!  I'd love to see. 
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