Sunday, January 1

Here's to fresh starts!

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Welcome to the party, 2012. 

I am so filled with hope as this new year begins. Goodbye, Seattle. Hello, Los Angeles!

2011, you gave me some beautiful memories but I'm rather certain you also gave me a few grey hairs.  And I have to say I'm not terribly sad to see you go.

Some of the highlights...

I turned 40. I'm still in denial of this but am almost certain I am getting better with age.
I married the love of my life. Miracles really do happen!!
I became a stepmother. Equal parts amazing and what the hell am I doing?
I was laid off from my job. The timing couldn't have been worse but this was definitely for the best!
I gained 10 pounds.  What the what?!?!

And "the most insane thing" that happened?  As newlyweds, we picked up and moved to Seattle to be closer to the kiddos.  Unable to find work and realizing it just wasn't the right fit, 7 months later we picked up and moved back to LA. Pure madness but thank goodness!! 
As 2012 begins I'm tossing around several goals and/or resolutions. Maybe if I put them in writing I'll actually DO them?  Maybe.

1.  Exercise more. It seems I became a big blob in Seattle; must lose extra layer of warmth currently covering my entire body.
2.  Eat healthier. Please see #1. Must focus on #'s 1 & 2 straight away!!
3.  Travel!!  Maybe Spain for a belated honeymoon???
4.  Send more handwritten notes. Just because it feels extra special.
5.  Time for some self discovery. What's next for cham+thom???
6.  Create a Mighty Life List and start crossing things off this list.  Immediately.
7.  On this here blog, write 5 posts a week.  Must get brain working... Must catalog projects and tidbits of inspiration. Must WRITE!
8.  Create ART!!! Am feeling the urge to PAINT! But I don't know how. Step 1: buy canvas. Step 2: buy paint!
9.  Volunteer. Anywhere. Everywhere.
10.Read more books.  Anything. Everything.

*Update 8/29/12 I have actually accomplished a few of my goals!  Joined the gym and have been running the Reservoir; I'm exercising at least 5 days a week and am eating much better!  I'm happy to report that the extra layer of warmth covering my entire body is much thinner now and is on its' way out for good!  AND most excitedly, we have booked our trip to Spain!  

Unfortunately I've failed miserably on some of my other goals listed above. The year's not over yet though and I have no intention of giving up.  2012, I have 4 months left to make these things happen and I will!

Let's try this again...

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