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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

Well, it's that time of year again...  Time for a bit of over-indulging (I can't be the only one who eats too much stuffing) and perhaps some personal reflecting. (ie. What am I grateful for?  Have I been thankful enough) this year?

Today, as I ask myself these questions, I realize that I have to own up to the fact that I've done A LOT of complaining over the last few months.  Now, there's no doubt about it; it has definitely been a challenging time and I, for one, think a bit of wallowing (I said, just a "bit") is acceptable.  

Thankfully, this time of year always seems to snap me out of any pity parties I might be throwing myself.  No more grey clouds hovering over this lady's head!  Let's face it.  I, like so many others, have SO much to be grateful for.  I think, sometimes, we just need a lil' reminder.
Miss Modish was writing all about gratitude the other day.  Love her.  And love that brain of hers.  Check out the 5 questions below; she answers them following her meditation.  I don't know about you, but I intend to ask myself these questions today and much more often.  Thanks, MM!
"I think we all know how powerful gratitude can be- if we focus on all that is wonderful and incredible about our lives, rather than what we don't have, it opens us up to feel more joy, more fulfillment and abundance in our here and now.
The more you can bring gratitute into your everyday, the more happiness and balance it will bring into your life. It can become a deep well to pull from when you experience pain, fear or uncertainty- drop your bucket into that well of thankfulness for all that you have, and it can help you get through anything.
To help manifest more gratitude in your everyday:
Ask yourself these 5 Q's to get your gratitude rolling- try to find at least 3 answers to each:
  1. What do I take for granted? Maybe your breath, your senses, your body, your health... what else? 
  2. What relationships do I have that I cherish? Is there a certain person you connect to? A pet that's very special to you? What relationships do you feel lucky to have?
  3. What freedoms, unique gifts and opportunities do I have? Think of your talents, your ambitions, your passions...
  4. What advantages have I been given in life? This could be a long list if you really think about it...
  5. Who are my backers in life? Don't focus on those who you feel don't support you, they are a drain on your energy- who are your champions? Your defenders? Your supporters? Who are your partners in life that have helped you get where you are right now? 
Give yourself permission to relish in all that is good in your life, and be grateful for it!"
Nice, right?  Do it!

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