Sunday, November 20

Hip Hip Hooray!

Today is the best day I've had in weeks. Mr. Cham+Thom is home from a long 3 weeks away working in Los Angeles.  It seems distance really DOES make the heart grow fonder and more than ever I am reminded just how much I love that man.

{Honey, if you're reading this, this is meant for YOU!}
Source: via Bridgette on Pinterest

Now if I were a better, more organized wife my lovely husband would've come home to one of these awesome cards from Storeyshop on Etsy.  Sadly, he didn't, but I DO intend to break the bank (they're not cheap) and put my order in soon.  They're adorable, right?!  And, it looks like she's running a special at the moment.  Buy 4 get 1 free!  Now I like them even more!

Helen Foers is the talented designer behind the clever cut-outs.  She uses a template and cuts all the designs with a scalpel so no pencil or pen marks ever go on the finished card.  Do we love her or what? You just have to check out the colorful selection of cards on her Etsy site. And don't you think they would make great keepsakes?  I know if I received one, I would pop it into a frame...pronto!

Hop to it.

Hip Hip Hooray
images via Storeyshop

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