Sunday, November 20

A Whole New Level of Crazy

Oh. Mah. Gah.  The trailer for the new Seb Montaz documentary, I Believe I can Fly, is circulating on the web and I'm here to tell is UNbelievable.   Thanks to Joanne at A Cup of Jo for sharing; she's such a pro and always finds the best stuff!  

I've gotta warn you before you view this though.  Your stomach may end up in your throat before it's all said and done.  The two Frenchies in the film are crazy!  They call themselves the Skyliners and are pioneers in what they call "highlining", a new European sport that combines tightrope walking, slacklining and base jumping.

Care to do a cartwheel off a mountain, anyone?  Um.  These guys do.  Like I said, CRAZY!  But awesome.  Don't try this at home, folks.  But yes; let's all watch the documentary (it's only 40 minutes) and report back.  Enjoy!

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