Saturday, November 19

Fantasy Friday

Tonight I am fantasizing about places far far away...

Close your eyes if you will, and travel with me to Nairobi (the largest city in Kenya).  It's summertime in our fantasy (if only) and we're decked out in some fab safari gear.  Think Meryl Streep in Out of Africa.

We'll be staying in the most amazing hotel.  Truly.  It's called Giraffe Manor and as the name suggests, the long-necked beauties have the run of the place.  It's a luxury boutique hotel that was built in the 1930's and just look at the pictures; it is beyond gorgeous!  I mean think about it...  A giraffe's head through the window at breakfast time?  *sigh*  Sign me up, please.

A trip to this beautiful hotel has definitely secured a spot on my bucket list.  Check out these photos (could you just DIE?!) and then go here to book your room.

Giraffe Manor_rev
photos via

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