Thursday, June 6

Affordable Art

Are you an art lover like me? 

Let me clarify.  It's not that I really "know" anything about art. I can't tell you who painted most masterpieces or necessarily go in to detail regarding the medium they used or their process.  Thankfully I don't have to be "educated" about art to love it though.  I just know what I like when I see it and I totally enjoy scouring the web, flea markets and local stores for affordable pieces.

These days if you love art but have a limited budget, you still have some great options available to you. Lest we forget how many creative geniuses can be found on Etsy?  You'll have to do some sorting, yes; but keep digging and you'll find them there. And lucky for us, there are some amazing bloggers out there who've already done a lot of the dirty work for us.  I'm sure you've all heard of The Jealous Curator ; love her.  And if you haven't read her blog before, I suggest blocking off several hours over several days to search through her archives.  The goodness is just too much to handle in one sitting!!!  And let's not forget sites like and; they both have great selections too.

Of course, I personally love the hunt for just the right piece.  And even if my client (or myself for that matter) can't afford a $10,000 original oil painting at this point, there is still great art out there that won't break the bank.

Case in point: Remember when I mentioned that I was decorating a guest room for my friend Liz in Ohio? Well, the project is in full swing and I am headed back there in early July to do the installation. Can't wait!  Oh, and you know that initial design plan I shared with you awhile back?  Just forget it because, as to be expected, everything has changed at least 20 times since then.  I guess that's why they call it a "process", right?

This last week I took care of several big purchases and finally got around to selecting the art too.   Isn't it true that the art and accessories in a space are really what bring it all together?  Well, this space is no different.  Our revised color palette is mostly aqua, navy and orange, with pops of bright white and hints of yellow.

If you'll recall, I told you that my friend Liz used to live in Los Angeles and is always jonesing for the beach.  I couldn't go too far towards a cheesy traditional "beach house" feel though, because it would be SO opposite the rest of their home. So I guess we're going for our own unique "version" of beachy; she specifically wanted the space to feel "happy".

As the pieces I've selected start rolling in, I'm getting more and more excited and a teensy bit jealous.  Myan Soffia photographs, Michelle Armas AND Samantha French artwork ALL in the same room? I die.

Just the other day, I received the Michelle Armas print titled, "Laura".  Wow. The colors are spot on perfection and oh so pretty; it's going to look super gorgeous against Benjamin Moore's "Oceanspray", which is the light aqua color that will be on the walls.  This print was our initial jumping off point for the entire room; I knew I wanted it for the space before I even knew what we were doing in there.  Seriously.

And then there's the beautiful moody photography of the super sweet Myan Soffia.  Liz flipped for these photos so we are going to have this grouping of four (in 20"x20" frames) above the desk area. I really think seeing them on a regular basis is going to make her super happy.

And my oh my.  I cannot fully express the love I have for this Samantha French print.  I can't wait for it to arrive! I want. I want. I want.   At $195 for the 16x20 print, this baby isn't cheap but it also doesn't quite break the bank and you know it's going to totally be worth it.  So come on.  Now if someone would just spot me $7,000 that'd be swell.  Because I so NEED this original Samantha French oil, titled "Breakthrough", above my fireplace.  Yesssssss!

So there you have it, folks.  Affordable art for the Ohio Project.  I'm green with envy but totally happy with the selections.   These, along with smaller, more personal, framed photos and decorative objects we've collected, are going to completely bring that room to life.

Oh how I love an art project.  String art, painting on canvas, taking photos, working with vintage's all art to me and I have lots more to share on the subject.  Stay tuned...

And in the mean time, who are some of your favorite artists?

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