Monday, November 14

Playing with Fire

The chimney guy came today. Thank goodness.  Let's hope the cleaning does the trick and that tonight, we have a cozy fire, but not a house filled with smoke.  Fingers and toes are crossed.

Today my head is filled with thoughts of our soon-to-be new home in Los Angeles.  It, too, has a lovely wood-burning fireplace.  It's a great space, a duplex, built in 1928.  Upstairs has exposed wood beams and high ceilings.  Nice light too AND a view of the Reservoir.  January 1st can not get here soon enough; I cannot WAIT to move!

Recently I was taking a look at Kristan Cunningham's LA House; they ran something on it in The LA Times not to long ago.  I instantly fell in love with her cozy, eclectic living room.  An oversized Chesterfield Sofa remains at the top of my wishlist and all those layers & textures?!?  Pure Heaven.  Of course, her place has light for days and that fireplace is to die for, but what's really caught my eye, is that handsome stack of wood piled up in the corner.

I've been drawn to this look a lot lately and, thanks to Pinterest, have been collecting inspiration images.  I'm not sure to what extent, but I think I'd like to do something similar in the new place.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Forget the wood. Will someone just please buy me that mirror?! Let's add that to my ever-growing wishlist.

Double whammy!  This might be a bit much.

This long and lean look might be a little too modern for us.  I really do like it though.

As for this one?  Well it sure is a pretty room and all that wood stacked in the fireplace does make for a stylish photo, BUT (and I hate to say it)'s not terribly practical, now is it?  Not that I'm a gal who always goes for practical, but I am a gal who always needs an extra scarf and sweater and absolutely wants to use her fireplace!   It's a pretty picture though.  Real, real pretty.

All this talk of fireplaces makes me feel the need to go and try out ours. Wish me luck!

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