Sunday, November 13

Adventure Calls!

Change is in the air…  Just 50 days from today, Mr. Cham+Thom, GJP and I will be heading back to Los Angeles from our short stint of living in Seattle.  It’s true.

You heard right.  BACK to LA, we go!  You see, we left Los Angeles only 5 ½ months ago.

Pure. Madness.

Bye bye, raindrops and grey clouds. 
Sunshine & fallen angels, we are coming for YOU!

Let’s just call this one very expensive experiment.  With great intentions, we tried to make it work (and who knows…maybe one day we will) but for now our sights are set on heading back to LA January 1st.   Of course, there are pros and cons to living in both cities and honestly, it’s probably just because our friends are there and I miss them so darn much, but I think I’m actually starting to get excited about moving back.

And, if you knew me, you'd know how much I hate moving.  
So, that I'm excited about this, is actually quite telling.

Oh boy....
What a great adventure this life is turning out to be.

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