Monday, May 6

Gardening on the brain today...

Happy Monday, darlings.  How was your weekend?  Ours was great.  On a whim, Biff & I drove down to Santa Barbara on Saturday...for LUNCH!  I love a quick (spur of the moment) field-trip, don't you?  And who doesn't love Santa Barbara?  Could it be any more gorgeous?  I think not.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know we also made a trip to Osh.  That's right; we bought lots of little plants, terracotta pots, & a couple of drill bits.  Hmmm...

Plants and pots

This happened too...

Garden Wall Mapping

You see, inspiration comes when you least expect it.  Last fall we traveled to Spain and I fell in love with  the charming city of Cordoba.  Of course, all of Spain is amazing, but what really got me about Cordoba, was their patio pride. I snapped this photo while roaming the streets there.

Garden Wall_Spain

Plants and flowers everywhere!  We noticed these garden walls all over the city and were constantly peeking our heads in to see resident's private patios.  They were all so beautiful.  Thanks to our friend Google, we learned about the city's annual Patio Festival; these Spaniards are serious about their gardening.  Every year in May (so wishing we were there right now), there's actually a competition and the whole city goes bananas with their patio decor.  People open their doors to passersby too; talk about garden pride.  I just love it.

Coroba Patio_1

SO gorgeous!!

Cordoba patio_2

Soooo, you guessed it.  We are making our very own teensy weensy indoor wall garden here at Casa de Cham+Thom.  We've mapped out the feature wall in the dining room and have a rough idea of where the pots will hang.  Maybe we'll get more precise on the day this all comes together but for now, I've just eyeballed it.  Initially we were going to go with super small pots or buckets that measured about 2 1/2" across.  When we mapped it out though, it looked a little too busy.  We've decided to go with 4" pots instead.

Did I mention that we're going with black pots?  It's true.  And recently I came across this image in a West Elm catalog that gave me a little more confidence in my decision to paint the pots flat black.  Our walls are white and I think the greenery in the black pots is really going to pop.  Plus, we have some other black accents in the room too; it's going to look awesome.
West Elm Planters

Right about now you might be saying, "Bridgette, it sure would be easier to just buy the pots from West Elm, don't you think?"  Yeah...Yeah...  I know.  But what fun would that be?

Today I'm painting and replanting the plants.   Stay tuned... We hope to get our wall garden hung this weekend and I'll be posting photos next week.

Have a great week!

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