Friday, May 10

Current Obsession :: spindle furniture

Are you guys familiar with spindle furniture?  I'm a huge fan.  Always have been.  

Hello, spindley chair.  You're looking mighty pretty in that traditional living room.


It's been popular since the 17th century.  Some people think the style is a little too country or antiquey.  Not me though.  I just love it.   


Carved spindles put a traditional twist (literally) on everything from side tables to candlesticks.  But nowadays, you can certainly find a more modern spin on this classic furniture style.


You can imagine how excited I was when I came across this sweet little table at the PCC Flea Market recently.  AND I scored it for just $25!

spindle-flea market find

Look at those pretty spindles!  Now of course, she could've gone home with any number of suitors at the flea market that day.  But, she ended up with me, people, and as such...even though I love her au naturel look, she was destined for color!

For those who don't like painted furniture, look away, my friends; look away...  I'm seriously into shades of blue these days and my first thought was to go with a bright turquoise.  That didn't happen though.   (I know...I know...these are greaaaaat photos.  Please just stop judging.  I promise I'll get better.  Someday.)

Safety Red meet Ms. Spindle. 


Again, here she is when we first brought her home.


And here she is all dolled up in Safety Red. (I spy another diy project in the dining room...  Now what to do with those windows???)


Pretty, don't you think?  I still need to try some other styling options and that may or may not be her permanent spot in the treehouse.  I like the way she turned out though; the red is bright and cheerful and makes me happy.  And I do like the blue & white pottery with it. Take a closer look...


Hello little hedgehog (too-cute-to-be) measuring cups from Anthropologie.  

What? Am I the only one who talks to her furniture and home decor accessories?  

So there you have it.  A quick diy project on a fab flea market find.  Many more of those to share with you soon.

Have a great weekend!

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